[04-08-2005] Welcome to the Johnsons

By: Trevor Little

Apr 07 2005

Category: Lower East Side, Manhattan


3 Responses to “[04-08-2005] Welcome to the Johnsons”

  1. i’ve been taking pool photos just last night. i reckon the bar that you;ve been in looks better than mine though… however i prefer the english style tables…

    nice work.



  2. what a rubbish shot! not the picture of course. the white’s gone RIGHT in the pocket, think that bloke needs a little foresight. Paul Newman he is NOT. haha/

  3. Wow, weird. I found this slideshow on Reddit and I recognize that bar from a few weeks ago (It was my first time in NYC). Full of hipsters, but it was right by ABC No Rio where my band was playing.

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