Old Time Steel Workers

By: Trevor Little

Dec 08 2005

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  1. This you probably know already, but just in case, this fine sculpture is from a 1932 UPI photo of workman resting on a beam while building the Empire State Bldg (in the Bettman Archives). But perhaps what you’re asking is who is the sculpter and that I don’t know. NYC is my favorite in the world. Now live in Santa Monica and miss New York soooo much. Thanks for keeping me in touch through your great photos which you so generously share with us. Janiced

  2. This is a great image. I’m glad you didn’t try to do a black and white conversion on this–I think the blue tones work well given the relative monochrome tone of the overall image.

  3. there was a man in soho who did mini sculptures of therse steel workers. He had a giant one on the top of his truck and used to drive around and st op to sell.I bought a couple of the mini’s and would like to buy more. can uo help me

  4. This guys work is awesome, the workers look so lively

  5. Yesterday my daughter and i were returning from Tampa, FL and crossed a sign truck with a huge sculpture of this exact picture. We were so amazed and wondered where it was going. We were probably in Alabama or possibly Mississippi. Sure wish we had stopped to talk with him. Does anyone have a clue as to where he may have been delivering this sculpture? Does anyone know where the original happens to be all these years?


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