NYC Blizzard of 2006 – Balthazar

By: Trevor Little

Feb 13 2006

Category: Manhattan, SoHo


7 Responses to “NYC Blizzard of 2006 – Balthazar”

  1. Exellent picture of a stormy weather.
    I like how the black and white supports the falling snow.
    Good photo work !

  2. great photo!

  3. Great shot!! Love this one man, this would look great as a print.

  4. I just saw a Balthazar picture a minute ago. Here. Love them both. Must eat there some day.

  5. Great capture of the windward snow and excellent composition of the woman leaving the frame with her umbrella.

  6. what? no would be celebrities sitting on the benches….

  7. Crazy weather, freezing weather like that helps me appreciate California!

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