Waikiki Jetty

By: Trevor Little

May 23 2006

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Waikiki, Hawaii

9 Responses to “Waikiki Jetty”

  1. Dear Trevor,
    You are truly a great photographer. I have been looking at your site every day since I returned home. You’re going to be famous…Thanks for the visit. love, mantha

  2. Beautiful perspective. Love that sky and that bird contemplating life is outstanding…

  3. Beautiful scenery! 🙂

  4. Wow, that’s great!! Why didnt we see this before now!

  5. A calming, reflective scene.

  6. Aloha!
    that is funny, to see a grey dove on the jetty!
    yes!, used to live in Waikiki!
    a lot ocean and one lonely bird!, let’s hope there is not a tsunami in the area!
    a great perspective shot though!
    looks like the bird on final taxing to take off 😉

    Aloha everybody!

  7. Gorgeous… spent some time over there in Navy long ago… loved it!

  8. This picture is awesome! Probably my favorite so far.. 🙂

  9. Well, this shot of a Waikiki jetty in the midst of the NYC pics just made my day! walked out here many times. Great shot!

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