Jamal Woolard – Notorius B.I.G – Notorius movie

By: Trevor Little

Jun 28 2008

Category: Lower East Side, Manhattan


Looks like a photo shoot for the movie Notorious. The actor playing Notorious B.I.G is Jamal Woolard

4 Responses to “Jamal Woolard – Notorius B.I.G – Notorius movie”

  1. Big ups to Jamal he did his thing in this movie.

  2. Man He did ok But dam they could of got sum1 dat look like him like Gorilla black or sumthing…. and tupac man they could of got the black guy that played in 40 year old virgin and 4 puffy they could of got morris chesnut dam…. But overall the movie was hot

  3. oh man the actor just looks like the real BIG

  4. Excellent picture, disregard stupid burps from children of the same momma.
    Manhattan NY

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