Mars Bar wall

By: Trevor Little

Aug 26 2008

Category: East Village, Manhattan


Nikon FM with Fujichrome

3 Responses to “Mars Bar wall”

  1. I love your work. Don’t ever stop taking pictures.

  2. Hey, this is a photograph, but wait, there’s more…

    You get a painting, cartoons, neon, architecture… and life as it is. All inplied, impasto, and imperfect.

    Nice balance of chaos. I really like this one, it’s so damn active for a “still life” I can almost hear the background honks and street traffic…

    Keep snappin’ !

    den nc usa

  3. I pass by this bar pretty often. The first time I ever walked past it, an older woman burst out of the front door and projectile vomited across the sidewalk. I immediately thought, “That place has got some character!” 😀
    Thanks for all your great shots! One of these days we’ll run into eachother!

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