Union Square Peeler – Joe Ades

By: Trevor Little

Nov 07 2008

Category: Manhattan


Joe Ades became a millionaire selling $5 vegetable peelers. Check out the video the Today Show did on him, it’s great!

I decided to try developing my own B&W film and this is from the first roll. Ilford Delta 100 developed with ILFOSOL S.

6 Responses to “Union Square Peeler – Joe Ades”

  1. I love that guy. I recently shot a roll of 220 film of him that I really like. What a character

  2. that is an amazing story. great B&W too. developing your own film really adds a great layer to the hobby, i think.

  3. HI,every one! I come from China, in my end, I searched his invigorative sale romaunt occasional,but after I read his whole story,I am sure I like to read it and share it with all my friends!

    Wish you can have free time to buy a true peeler from him,because you all have chance to buy!Good luck.

  4. I see this guy there at least twice a week. What a character!

  5. Joe passed away this past Sunday. My deepest condolences to his family. Thank you Trevor so capturing such an amazing picture of such an amazing guy.

  6. I can’t believe he died. He must have had an amazing life with all the people he met through his business. I have a peeler and it is a great item. I’m fortunate to have gotten an “original”. The great thing about your photography, Trevor, is that you can make these unique and wonderful people come alive and known to all the people who visit your sight.

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