NYC Pigeon Feeder Blizzard 2010

By: Trevor Little

Feb 28 2010

Category: Manhattan, Upper West Side


Outside of the 72nd Street subway station.

6 Responses to “NYC Pigeon Feeder Blizzard 2010”

  1. Magnificent photo!

    I enjoyed my first visit to your inspirational blog and will come back for more.

  2. A magnificent photo!

  3. Magnificent photo .

  4. I’m still amazed of all your shots. You’re a great photographer. Now that i’ve seen so many wunderful photos from NY, I wanna go there. Well Zurich(the city I live) has also lots of sceneries. but compared with a city like New york… 🙂 I think you know what I mean…
    Keep on shootin.

  5. Hi Trevor I thought of my brother Charlie Dougherty the artist when I saw this photo. The kindness in your heart noticed this action of the man and his kindness feeding the pigeons. Thank you for your kindness to my brother. Mary Lou

  6. This is an amazingly striking and emotional pic! Beautiful, Trevor!

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